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2 Key Tips in Flying Your First RC Plane

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If you are planning to buy a RC model aircraft, you may want to know the tips in choosing the right one for your flying pleasure. As a beginner into this hobby, you may want to choose for a cheap one and to get the feel in flying the plane. Do not go for an advanced plane (i.e. acrobatic 3D) before you really familiar in controlling the beginner plane, otherwise, you will be wasting money and end up seeing your plane crash into the pool or deep jungle. If you are still interested in flying a beginner plane for the first time, you should read on.

1. Build your first plane

There are quite a number of airplane kits that require you to build from scratch, with that said, by building it from scratch you are able to get to know the characteristic of the plane that you build. But, complete the building job is not easy, you must be very careful especially in balancing the assembly, otherwise you will not have a perfect flying kit. However, if you are not interested in building it from scratch and want to experience your first flying, you can always buy a complete kit without require to assembly at all.

2. Slow and steady flying experience

Look for a light plan that allows you to fly slowly and catch the wind steadily. This is not only able to allow you for easy take off but also easy landing. Also, you have to look for a plane with the wings mounted on top of the body (called hi wing body), this plane is purely designed for beginner, if you are able to get a plan with the features above, i am sure that you will completely happy and satisfy with your first flight.

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